Brother Speed MC = 26 motorcycle crash

motorcycleOregon State Police said there were about 30 motorcycles involved, three serious injuries, two of which were taken by LifeFlight to a hospital.

Police said that the motorcyclists were traveling together when at least 10 of them crashed. Police said in addition to the three serious injuries, 11 people were taken to the hospital.

A witness to the crash, Terry Scott, said he was driving northbound from Salem with his girlfriend behind the motorcycles when he witnessed an SUV, that was driving in front of the group of motorcycles, suddenly slow down or slam on its brakes. The two lead motorcycles tried to avoid the SUV, but a domino effect then occurred as the motorcycles tried to avoid each other.

Scott and KATU News reporter, Meghan Kalkstein, both said the motorcyclists appear to belong to the Brothers Speed Motorcycle Club which was established in May 1969, according to its Web site. It has chapters in Oregon, Washington, and Idaho, specifically in Portland, Ore. Camas, Wash., and Boise, Idaho.

When Capt. Mike Towner of Tualatin Valley Fire and Rescue arrived on the scene with his crew from Wilsonville he said, "it was ordered mayhem. There were almost two dozen motorcycles scattered across the freeway, and firefighters from Aurora and Canby providing medical care to injured bikers, as non-injured bikers tried to assist."

TVF&R said seven patients were treated for shoulder and hip injuries and broken bones and were taken to area hospitals.

2 gang members are seriously injured in collision on Interstate 5

bikers with critical injuriesThe Oregonian reported that two bikers with critical injuries were flown to Portland hospitals by helicopter. The newspaper said the incident, which involved 26 bikers, backed up traffic for about 7 miles.
Rescue personnel said seven other people were treated for shoulder and hip injuries and broken bones.
Most of the victims belonged to the Brother Speed motorcycle club, officials said. The Oregonian reported that the group is identified by the state's Department of Justice as an outlaw biker gang.
The freeway reopened about 6 p.m., nearly four hours after the accident.

26 bikes of Brother Speed Motorcycle Club collide with cars

bike Brother SpeedTraffic came to standstill on a road here for hours as around 26 motorcycles collided with cars on Interstate 5 on Friday. Most of the bikes were of the Brother Speed Motorcycle Club.

The police said that the bikers collided with cars as the car drivers suddenly used brakes to slow speeds of their vehicles in the northbound lanes near Wilsonville, south of Portland.

After the incident, bikes scattered across the roadway and two bikers sustained critical injuries.

Police said that rescue teams reached the spot in helicopters and took them to Portland hospitals. Police said that seven others, who suffered shoulder, hip injuries, and broken bones, were given treatment in the hospital.

Traffic on the road was restored at 6 pm.

2 dozen motorcycles crash on I-5.

motorcycles crashOregon State Police say more than two dozen motorcycles, most of them belonging to the Brother Speed motorcycle club, crashed on Interstate 5 on Friday afternoon, blocking freeway traffic for hours.

Police say the bikers were behind a car when traffic slowed in the northbound lanes near Wilsonville, south of Portland.

They say the bikers and car tried to slow but collided, scattering bikes across the pavement.

The Oregonian in Portland reports that two bikers with critical injuries were flown to Portland hospitals by helicopter. Rescue personnel say seven others were treated for shoulder and hip injuries and broken bones.

The freeway reopened about 6 p.m., nearly four hours after the accident.

Brother Speed Motorcycle Club Blamed For Chaos On I-5

Speed MotorcycleOn Sept 18, two dozen Brother Speed Motorcyle Club members were involved in an accident on I5 according to the Oregon Police. The interstate was closed for hours because of this.
According to eye witnesses, the bikers were behind the cars and because of the traffic the cars and bikes tried to slow down. But instead the bikers collided with the cars and from then on the Domino effect took hold. Because of the collision many bikes were scattered on the pavement.
Two bikers were in critical condition because of this incident and had to be flown to hospitals in Portland by helicopter.
Finally the interstate could be reopened at 6 PM in the evening following the chaos.
Do you know anything about this? Were you on the interstate at that time or knew somebody who was?

26 accidents by Brother Speed

accidents by Brother SpeedSept 19, 2009: Around two dozen motorcycle accidents were allegedly cause by Brother Speed Motorcycle Club in Oregon. Two bikers were seriously injured in the accidents and a main highway was closed for several hours.
The Brother Speed Motorcycle Club is a one-percenter motorcycle gang that was formed in Boise, Idaho in 1969, but now has its mother chapter in Portland, Oregon.

Brother Speed was established by a group of high school friends who rode motorcycles together. The friends noticed an increase in motorcycles in the area and decided to run a newspaper ad looking for anyone interested in riding together and starting a motorcycle club.

A meeting was organized with approximately 20 people attending the first meeting. A few weeks after the first meeting, the group came up with the name, "Brother Speed".

The club's insignia is a winged skull with sunglasses and its "colors" are black and gold.

There are around 150 Brother Speed members and there are eight chapters spread across Oregon, Idaho, Washington and Utah.

It is one of the "big five" motorcycle clubs in Oregon, alongside the Vagos, Free Souls, Gypsy Jokers and the Outsiders.

Members must be male, at least 21 years of age and own an American-made motorcycle.
Brother Speed Motorcycle Club was “Officially Established” in May, 1969, although the roots of the club were established much earlier.
As I recall, it was about 1960 in the 3rd grade, when 2 other guys and I struck up a friendship and started hanging around together. (Later becoming Chartered members of the Boise Chapter) The fact that all of our fathers rode motorcycles also provided a common interest in bringing us together.
During high school we all rode bikes and eventually graduated into the larger bikes. Boise, in 1967, was such a small town, we knew everyone that owned a Harley or were in the process in building one. There was getting to be quite a few of us hanging around together. Even though a few of us had joined the military, or was lost to the draft, our numbers had continued to grow, including some that just returned from The Vietnam War.

In the spring of 1969, Hollywood had produced a few biker movies, thus making being a biker a popular thing to be. We saw an influx of guys building bikes and wanting to ride together. We then decided to run an add in our local paper stating that anyone interested in riding together and starting a motorcycle club, attend the meeting that we had organized.
We had at least 20 guys attend the first meeting, and a couple weeks later we came up with the name, “Brother Speed”. Another guy had a sketched drawing of a winged skull with the helmet, goggles and scarf. That becoming our center patch.

The following year we started a chapter in Logan, Utah and Portland, Oregon. Since then, with our outstanding motorcycles and guys that are always having the most fun, we have established a total of 7 Chapters here in the Northwest.

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